Earthly Delights

October 31st 2018 marks the release date of Evil Dick's new album, Earthly Delights.


Compiled between January and August 2018, the album takes its name from the famous painting by Hieronymous Bosch; however, comparisons largely end there. The music has its own logic, taking the listener on a sonic journey through a mysterious and often unpredictable, phantasmagorical landscape.





Richard Hemmings demonstates his INCREDIBLE compositional skills on surreal tunes such as

'A Whopping Great Hinkypunk' and 'Miniature Railway Excitement'.





No time for 'good taste'! The saxes of Dave Jackon are augmented with a full band featuring Scott Freer (bass), Craig Ashendon (guitar) and Evil Dick (drums and piano).




Special care was taken to make this the best sounding Evil Dick album yet! You're sonic taste buds will be thoroughly ENGORGED!



Track List

1. Way In 1:41

2. Keep Off The Grass 4:34

3. Sybil The Leek 3:00

4. One Duck Down 2:17

5. A Whopping Great Hinkypunk 9:19

6. Mr Hedgehog 1:00

7. Three Fish In A Tree 0:36

8. A Rude Vegetable Catches Its Reflection 5:13

9. Bernie Worrell's Prize-Winning Courgette 4:14

10. Alpho Does An Oxley 0:27

11. Melancauliflowers 4:37

12. Miniature Railway Excitement 3:04

13. Resurrection Of The Fly Lord 2:27

14. Sabbatic Goat's Cheese 2:00

15. Tiger-Rats 2:26

16. Birdhouse Construction Fail 1:53

17. A Bad Day For Baphomet 3:36

18. Sweets At The Till 2:26

19. Way Out 1:17


Produced by Richard Hemmings.

All compositions and xenochronicity © 2018 Richard Hemmings.

Improvisations © 2018 Richard Hemmings, Dave Jackson, Craig Ashenden, Scott Freer. All rights reserved.

Environmental recordings made by Richard Hemmings and www.freesound.org.





36 Hidcote Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5PE

+44 (0) 116 2627 142



Earthly Delights is the new album by Evil Dick, but did you know he has released several other physical CDs?


Earthly Delights (2018);

All That Glisters (2016);

Rock 'n' Random (2002); Coprophagism (1999).

© Copyright. All Rights Reserved.